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Dear Member,

DCARPE Alliance Association would like to extend you a warm welcome to the Future of Assurance and Disclosure!

DCARPE AllianceAssociation(the “Alliance”) is a coalition of members of the accounting, audit, financial reporting and technologycommunity who work together to contributedevelopment resources, services, thought leadership and guidance on many levels to the digital transformation of assuranceand disclosure.

This letter is intended to confirm your membership as of the date hereof as a member (“Member”) of the DCARPETM Alliance Association which is organized in Zug, Switzerland (the “Alliance”). A copy of the current Articles of Association of the Alliance is attached hereto.



The Alliance is building a consortium of members of the accounting, audit, financial reporting, legal, regulatory and technology related community who will participate in the governance, development, education and adoption of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Platform, (“DCARPE”).
The Alliance is leading the development of the DCARPEAssurance and Disclosure Protocol, a decentralized network of external validators that verify compliance of system and control, financial statement and disclosure control compliance for digital asset and enterprise clients on a continuous and real-time basis. The network proposes to transform traditional accounting, audit and financial.



The objective of the Alliance is for each member to provide new and/or upgraded components, services and/or otherwise cooperate in the development, testing and deployment of DCARPE (kindly refer also the Alliance`s Articles of Association). In addition, members shall participate in providing education and thought leadership to the accounting, audit and financial reporting community. It is expected that all members will attend and participate in Alliance events as well as work toward the growth of the Alliance itself.


Role of Member

The Alliance admits Member and Member hereby accepts its membership role in the Alliance. Member shall contribute in one or more of the following specific areas under further to be agreed upon terms (please tick all applicable boxes and specify further where indicated).

Thought Leadership
Assurance Provider
Testing/deployment external validation node.
Service Provider


Scope of Role

Member will cooperate with other members of the Alliancein the Role specified by the Memberherein and participate in the testing and launch of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol.The Member may assign one or more employees or affiliates of the Member to carry out the role of its membership.


Membership Benefits

Membership shall include a feature of the Member as a member of the Alliance. The Alliance shall extend the Member a first look at all sponsorship opportunities as well as opportunities for the Member to present and/or moderate at Alliance events.


Membership Publication

The Alliance shall publicly introduce the Member in one or more media releases made by the Alliance from time to time summarizing the role and activities of the Member as a new member of the Alliance. In addition, the Alliance shall feature a presence of the Member on its website.



DCARPE Alliance Association

By: Dianne Schepers, Director

By: Lukas Wadsack, Director