XBRL Switzerland and DCARPE Alliance Association Enter Collaboration
XBRL Switzerland and DCARPE Alliance Association agree to collaborate on the adoption of decentralized financial reporting and assurance using XBRL.
About DCARPE Alliance Association

Uniting an industry to transform assurance and disclosure.

Do you have a stake in seeing the audit information supply chain automated, structured, standardized, simplified and sped up? Would you like to help lower the barriers of publishing and accessing trustworthy financial and business reporting information of all kinds? Would you benefit from the right information being available at the right time, with comfort that the information is reliable and relevant? Would you like to benefit with representatives of the entire audit information supply chain to contribute to progress in this area? If so, you have a place in the The DCARPE Alliance Association!

The DCARPE Alliance Association represents members of the investment, accounting, audit, financial reporting, technology and academic communities, who are collaborating to drive adoption of decentralized continuous audit and reporting protocol standards, using the Auditchain Protocol.

Auditchain is a decentralized accounting, reporting, audit and analysis virtual machine that automates and provides proof of assurance on the world's financial and business information.



Join us on October 17, 2019 for an evening of panel discussions and product demonstrations by DCARPE Alliance members who are addressing the need for real time financial disclosure and continuous assurance for digital assets.

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