Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Guido is a drector of the DCARPE Alliance Association. Guido also serves as president of the board of Auditchain Labs. Guido served as a Swiss Board Member for several projects. He served on the board of Shape Shift, Cardano, Wings, Golem, Nimiq, Interchain, Tezos, Particl Foundation and several others. Guido is educated as a lawyer (International law, corporate law, economist (EMBA for Finance & International Management) and a certified Swiss Board Member.

Before entering the Blockchain space, he worked for 25 years at Management level in Banking, Chemicals and HR and also supported start-up companies during the first and second internet wave.

Guido currently serves as a Managing Director for Lisk Foundation and also Board member/director at the Bancor (Bprotocol Foundation), Liquidapps, Collider AG and Bank ten31. He also is a cofounder of Alpha Foundation.

His passion is to serve the Blockchain Ecosystem with innovative approaches and painful questions – also as a speaker at several international conferences.